A Polar Bear and his friendly human are walking 306 miles to the Cop 26 Climate talks in Glasgow

Calling anyone who would like to be part of a commitment to our living, breathing Earth and the future of all life…

I am undertaking a Climate Crisis Pilgrimage from South Shropshire to the COP26 climate talks that start on 1st November in Glasgow.

The unusual thing is that I will be accompanied by a ten foot high sculpture of a polar bear, that I have made.

He’s called Clarion and is made from thin bamboo poles, willow withies and many layers of heavy duty tissue paper bonded together with waterproof PVA. He is carried on a palanquin. He ain’t heavy!

Would you be interested in joining me for a day of walking as I progress northward? I will be doing the whole 306 mile walk which will take 22 days and I am looking for people to join me for a day (or whatever you can manage) walking along footpaths, bridle paths, canal towpaths and B roads.

The Intention for this Pilgrimage

Our aim is to come together to walk, to talk, to connect with each other, and to connect with the landscape by moving through it slowly, admiring its beauty and grandeur. We will be positive and kind, we will smile and laugh while being serious and we will build active hope as we walk.

Walking to the climate talks will not change the world ~ but I can think of nothing better to do to show the earnestness of my belief that we must learn to talk together and build community, only in Oneness will we make a better more just world.

So, please consider coming along as a treasured, intrepid pilgrim.
I assure you this will not be a shouty, banner waving demonstration.

If you are intimidated by the thought of walking about 14 miles perhaps you can come for a half day, or maybe you would like to still be part of this by being a driver, delivering walkers at the start of the day and/or collecting them at the end.

Why walk to Cop 26?

Find out more about the intention behind the Pilgrimage and what we hope to achieve.

About Bamber & Clarion

Find out more about the bear, his maker and their journey together so far.

ROUTE & Dates

How to join us on the walk (for as little or long as you want) – where, when and maps.

Important information

Everything you need to know – times, what to bring, how to find us.

Clarion is a very modern bear. He's active on social media and would be happy if you would follow him.

Up to date information about Clarion's progress is on the Facebook page where there are also links to WhatsApp groups for each day (in the Events tab) . You'll find invitation links for each day so you can find out where Clarion is, see who else is meeting where, and what time he's expected to arrive at points on the way.

He also has a phone: 07432 137 034 so if you need to find out where he is en route, this is the number to call.

He also has a second phone to cover another network area, so feel free to call this one if the first one doesn't work: 07932958959