ROUTE & DATES days 9 – 16

Day 9 – Garstang to Lancaster

Monday 18th October

Following  Canal towpath north, then minor road into Lancaster.

Day 10 – Lancaster to Hincaster

Tuesday 19th October

Minor roads north via Bolton le Sands then on to Carnforth. More minor roads through Warton, Beetham and Milnthorpe into Hincaster.

Day 11 – Hincaster to Sadgill

Wednesday 20th October

North via footpath to Natland and on into Kendal. Then minor roads to Garnett Bridge. Small roads through Murthwaire, Yewbarrow Hall and White Howe to Sadgill.

Day 12 – Sadgill to Askham

Thursday 21st October

Footpath via waterfall to Haweswater. Around east edge of lake to Brampton, then on through Beckfoot ad Helton to Askham.

Day 13 – Askham to Calthwaite

Friday 22nd October

Through Yanwath to Penrith, then Fairhill, Greengill Foot, Kitchenhill, Brockleymoor, Brackenburgh Cotts and Calthwaite.

Day 14 – Calthwaite to Cargo

Saturday 23rd October

North through Elephant, then Beck Cotts, Thackwood, Burthwaite, Blackwell, Currock and Carlisle. Then up through Kigsmoor to Cargo.

Day 15 – Cargo to Kirtlebridge

Sunday 24th October

North West to Rockcliffe, then on to Gretna Green. B721 west to Kirtleside, then up to Kirlpatrick-Fleming, Irvington & Kirtlebridge.

Day 16 –Kirtlebridge Grange to Lockerbie

Monday 25th October

On to Hoddom Cross and Shortrigg then Middleshaw, Kettleholm & Lockerbie.

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