Risk Assessment


–  Crew near to traffic will wear hi-vis waistcoats.

–  If we have an early start or go on late, or if there is fog, mist or rain there are best quality bicycle lights that clip on to the palanquin. Two forward, to behind, and other bicycle lights for some of the crew.

–  Children are not invited to join the walk. Young people will be kept away from any traffic, and supervised by an adult.

–  At all times there will be a responsible person walking way up front and another one way behind wearing a hi vis waistcoat and carrying a warning sign to alert reckless drivers to slow down NOW.

–  If we are on a narrow road and there is traffic backing up we will endeavour to pull off the road as soon as possible to let the traffic through.

–  We are not setting out to demonstrate and purposely inconvenience drivers.


–  He is extremely light, he will be carried by two people on a special palanquin.

–  If he was to fall over on someone there would be no risk of injury, as he weighs 18kg.

–  One in front, one behind. With additional handles for one person either side.
–  He is securely fixed to the palanquin.

–  There are four attachable guy ropes that clip on to his neck to help if there is any wind.

–  He can be carried lying down on his back in a special cradle.

–  The crew will change around every half an hour so there is no risk of stain on backs, necks etc.

–  He has been fire tested. And rain resistant.


–  There will always be someone who’s responsibility is for the safety of the group, for there well being and health.

–  There will be a first Aid Kit appropriate for a long walk.

–  It will be made very clear at the start of the day that people should not feel that they are being bullied to go on. There will be non walkers on call to collect anyone who is wacked out.

–  Crew will be advised to bring waterproofs, proper boots, spare socks, hats, gloves, food and drink (no alcohol) and any medication (asthma inhaler etc) and a charged phone.

Clarion is a very modern bear. He's active on social media and would be happy if you would follow him.

Up to date information about Clarion's progress is on the Facebook page where there are also links to WhatsApp groups for each day (in the Events tab) . You'll find invitation links for each day so you can find out where Clarion is, see who else is meeting where, and what time he's expected to arrive at points on the way.

He also has a phone: 07432 137 034 so if you need to find out where he is en route, this is the number to call.

He also has a second phone to cover another network area, so feel free to call this one if the first one doesn't work: 07932958959