ROUTE & DATES Days 1 – 8

Day 1 - Bishop's Castle to Longden

Sunday 10th October

Walking from Bishop’s Castle Town Hall, through the Shropshire hills through Norbury Bridges and Pulverbatch to Longden.

Day 2 - Longden to Wem

Monday 11th October

North to Shrewbury, round the river path, then on through Hadnall, Grinshill and Wem.

Day 3 - Wem to Bulkeley

Tuesday 12th October

Meet at the Hawkstone Arms on the corner of New St/Pyms Rd, Wem.

On to Whixall , Whitchurch and Grindley Brook. Along the ‘Sandstone Trail’ to Bickley and the Castle Farm Path to Bulkeley.

Day 4 - Bulkeley to Kingsley

Wednesday 13th October

On to Beeston and Tarporley and then through the Delamere Forest to Castle Cob and Kingsley.

Day 5 - Kingsley to Rainhill

Thursday 14th October

Clarion and Bamber are staying on Kingsway in Widnes tonight – the only place he could find a bed for the night. Leaving at 8am to get to Rainhill for 9.30am. Meeting point in Rainhill is the Victoria pub on Victoria Street.

Day 6 – Rainhill to Appley Bridge

Friday 15th October

Clarion & Bamber stayed on Kingsway in Widnes last night (the only place there was a bed). Leaving at 8am to get to Rainhill for 9.30am. Meeting point in Rainhill is the Victoria pub on Victoria Street.

North out of Rainhill through Eccleston. Up to Holland Cross then north via Bank Top and Holland Lees to Appley Bridge

Day 7 – Appley Bridge to Lostock Hall

Saturday 16th October

North to Eccleston (different one!) then through Leyland to Lostock Hall.

Day 8 – Lostock Hall to Garstang

Sunday 17th October

Over River Ribble through Preston, then Woodplumpton & Hollowforth. Then Canal towpath all the way to Garstang.

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