And so it begins…

What a day. What a wonderful day.

40 people gathered outside my house in Bishop’s Castle and Rachel, my wife, read out the dedication – the intention for the day. I couldn’t read it as I knew I would start to cry.

Then about 25 of us set off. It was a glorious day with fine, warm, sunny weather and we walked as a reasonable pace enjoying the landscape. Today we were on an A road for a bit and then some quite fast B roads so we had one person way up front and another way behind with road signs with a bear on to slow down traffic and help drivers to overtake us safely.

We stopped at Rattlinghope for lunch where some people left and a few joined us. I do like walking with people – you can talk to someone for a while and then move on and talk to someone else. Lots of beautiful, supportive, friendly folk who never complained.

Thank you day one gang.

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