Day 11 – Hincaster to Sadgill

At the end of today’s journey I have reached about half way. Half way in days and half way in miles travelled. So I wanted to pause and thank those who have been part of this crazy journey of mine.

The walkers – probably more than 100.
The carrriers or pullers of Clarion.
Those who have so graciously looked after Clarion and me at the end of a hard day.
Those who have cheered, smiled, waved and tooted.
And even those 6 people who have abused us.

We love you all.

Today we had about 10 more than the 6 I was expecting at the start of the day and more joined us through the day as we walked through Kendal with Clarion standing proudly on his palanquin.

Saying goodbye to Barry in Kendal with some mint cake.

Getting ready to carry Clarion upright through Kendal Town centre.

Pete after his third day of walking with the Bear. He said he’s not coming back for any more….

A lovely warm church prepared for Clarion in Longsleddale but once again they made the doors too small!

Moving to a location with bigger doors alongside the river Sprint

Lovely dry garage to rest for the night.

Evening repairs to the trolley.

No time to fix Clarion’s ouchies, that will have to be another evening.

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