Day 13 – Askham to Calthwaite

Let’s put away our flags. What have they ever done but divide and separate us. We will not get through this in separation, but only in oneness. Oneness with other religions, nations and the colour of our skins. And oneness with nature and our world – this world that is a tiny speck in the vastness of space, that suits us perfectly. We’ll never find a better one, so let’s love and cherish her.

Clarion is not a bear…. he is a metaphor

There were comments after an article about the Pilgrimage that came out in the local paper here in Cumbria. People were saying that polar bear numbers are rising. This is, I think, more to do with fewer of them being shot rather than any other factor.

But this misses the blindingly obvious point… that Clarion the bear is not a bear. He is a metaphor. I am telling a story here. I am stimulating  debate, I am a dreamer, a wisher, a hoper. Join me, please join me in changing our expectations.

Everything is one.
Everything is love.

Clarion has just woken up in Askham.

A moving start to the day as the children from Yanwath Primary School read the dedication which starts each day.

Clarion being filmed for ITV Borders TV

Clarion reaches Penrith

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