Joy and laughter…

Walking 14 miles in a day is quite hard work, but there is so much friendship, joy and laughter that it outweighs the sore muscles.

We started from Longden with a big crowd and had to walk in the road with lots of rush hour traffic trying to get past us. Thankfully my two trusty road signs and people fore and aft worked well.  Though later I was told by people waiting to join us in Shrewsbury town that there was a problem with the live tracking app on my phone with the route showing up all scribbly and jagged. This was caused by me running backwards and forwards across the road, trying to help direct traffic that wanted to pass us.

You would think that there would be quite a bit of annoyancem but 90% of drivers who were inconvenienced gave us a wave and a smile. And only one man wound his window down to berate us and shout obscenities.

My old camerman friend, Nick Edwards was with us again today until lunchtime. I’m sure he will have taken tons of great footage as Clarion is so photogenic. His start whiteness and slightly bemused expression is such a powerful image.

He’s resting in Wem tonight and we continue on tomorrow with a much smaller crew with the bear on the trolley I’ve made. We will be taking wiggly back roads up to Bulkely.

Clarion is a very modern bear. He's active on social media and would be happy if you would follow him.

Up to date information about Clarion's progress is on the Facebook page where there are also links to WhatsApp groups for each day (in the Events tab) . You'll find invitation links for each day so you can find out where Clarion is, see who else is meeting where, and what time he's expected to arrive at points on the way.

He also has a phone: 07432 137 034 so if you need to find out where he is en route, this is the number to call.

He also has a second phone to cover another network area, so feel free to call this one if the first one doesn't work: 07932958959