Day 23 – Arriving in Glasgow and COP 26

We made it.

My crazy idea of getting a 10ft lightweight sculpture of a polar bear to Glasgow has been achieved.

Today we did the final 6 miles from Busby (on the outskirts of the city) to George Square (the equivalent of Trafalgar Square). We met some very polite police on the way and had a brisk, trouble-free walk.

The square was a big disappointment – almost empty of people – and the other bear got scared off by police somewhere in the city so we didn’t meet him. But I was interviewed 5 times, had lots of photos taken and had a long rest. Then the final walk to hotel Barry.

Tomorrow I head home in Kusumeh’s van and Clarion goes off to his new home in the Dollar Academy on Wednesday.

Clarion is a very modern bear. He's active on social media and would be happy if you would follow him.

Up to date information about Clarion's progress is on the Facebook page where there are also links to WhatsApp groups for each day (in the Events tab) . You'll find invitation links for each day so you can find out where Clarion is, see who else is meeting where, and what time he's expected to arrive at points on the way.

He also has a phone: 07432 137 034 so if you need to find out where he is en route, this is the number to call.

He also has a second phone to cover another network area, so feel free to call this one if the first one doesn't work: 07932958959