Day 6 – Rainhill to Appley Bridge

My original plan was to take Clarion on footpaths, bridle paths and tow paths, keeping away from roads as much as possible. But as I’ve written before, we’re finding that hard to do because he’s such a big lad. So all my estimates of mileage have been based on routes that we’re having to deviate from.

I do have a tracking app on my phone, so as long as I don’t go AWOL, people who want to join me can use the live tracker (check the Events tab on our FB page to find the link)  to find where we are.

All this means we’ve been on some quite busy roads and I’m running back and forth across the road checking that we are safe as far as traffic goes. By the end of the day the tracker might show that I’ve done 20 miles when the Bear has only done 15!

We are in Lancashire now where ‘bear’ is pronounced ‘berr’ and the hedges are turning into dry stone walls.

Tomorrow we’ll be using Landranger map 108 to start and then onto 102. I think we’re about a third of the way to Cop.

Putting Clarion to bed for the night. Sleep well dear friend.

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