Day 7 – Appley Bridge to Lostock Hall

My plan was to set out on this adventure without a support person with a vehicile. What madness that would have been!

Luckily my dear friend Kusumeh came along for one of the trial walks to test bear carrying techniches and decided (insisted!) on helping me.

So she’s been camping in her van. We meet her in the morning and at lunchtime and at the end of the day. In between times she is organising this whole show and helping with transporting stuff we don’t need now but might need later. 

I wear a badge which reads ‘Thank you Kusumeh, our guardian angel.’

Today we walked from Appley Brdige to Bamber Bridge (close to Lostock Hall), with a small crew of about five. We had lovely weather, undulating countryside and interesting discussion about personal heroes, God, life, politics, Tory PPE scandal, food, footwear and jam.

Clarion is sleeping in the tidiest garage I’ve ever seen. He won’t want to wake up in the morning.

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