Clarion’s been spreading the word

He’s been out and about in Shropshire, encouraging people to act on climate issues and to join him on his pilgrimage to Cop 26.

His last adventure before the start of the pilgrimage on Saturday 10th Oct was to Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

We carried Clarion out of the workshop, which is always a risky business as he only just scrapes through the doorways, and then strapped him onto the roof of the car. I did check the highway code, there is nothing about not having a bear sculpture on the roofrack! I loved seeing people’s faces as we drove passed them. Their friends won’t believe them when they tell them what they saw.

Shropshire Council were meeting at the theatre and we wanted to trigger discussion about climate issues ahead of Cop 26. Two years ago the Council declared a Climate Emergency and since then have done nothing about putting it into practice.

Extinction Rebellion supporters lay down as shrouded corpses outside the doors. Most of the council members stepped over them without any interest. 

Clarion the Bear looked great and even better when the red Rebels joined us. Their red against his white was stunning.

It seems that the biggest message from cop 26 will probably be that our leaders are not the right people to be leading us away from the catastrophe. And the same with local leaders too.

Here are some more pics of Clarion out and about in Shropshire, spreading the word about climate issues and the topic closest to his heart – melting ice.

Clarion is a very modern bear. He's active on social media and would be happy if you would follow him.

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